ASG Vaults to Ninth Spot of All-Time Lenders on Kiva Site

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On January 15, the upstart Kiva lending team, Accountants for Social Good (ASG), announced it had moved into the ninth spot of all-time lenders in the business category. Since its inception in May 2011, the team has seen explosive growth, both in the number of team members (eighty) and in the total amount of capital the team has loaned to the developing world ($70,500). In addition, ASG has been profiled by two popular microlending magazines and was interviewed for a keynote speaking engagement at the Blassys Microlending Conference in Greensboro in December 2011.

"The main goal – regardless of how many members we accrue or amount of money we loan – is to educate the community about the power of microlending", said Mindy Tran, Chief Loan Analyst. "We believe that this generation of charitable giving will continue to gravitate toward microlending as opposed to traditional giving without accountability." 

Since its formation, ASG has consistently ranked as a top five lending team in the Kiva business category. On December 22, it made the top ten list of all-time lenders, lending to more than forty countries in fifteen industries. This attests to the fact that the team has quickly become a voice for people in the accounting industry and beyond. ASG climbed to the ninth spot only nineteen days later.

ASG's goals for 2012 are lofty: $100,000 in total loans by July, and double the number of current loans, from 2,500 to 5,000, by the end of the year. "No matter what, we are simply happy that the word and knowledge about microlending are spreading", said Tran. "Educating the accounting community, or anyone who is new to the power of microloans, will always be our primary goal. If we can reach milestones within Kiva in the process, then that is a tip of the cap toward our great teammates and sense of community within the group."

Learn more about ASG and join the team.

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