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Auditors should audit. It's that simple.
July 28 - Speaking Wednesday at the SEC hearings, the chairman of TIAA-CREF related his story of the results of a bad audit. This experience has caused him to adopt an extremely strict rule when it comes to using audit services.

"Auditors and managers have the same interests"
July 28 - A Yale accounting professor describes his view of auditor independence at the SEC hearings in Washington, D.C. and in an interview afterwards.

KPMG Takes a Stab at SEC Auditor Independence Regulations
July 26 - KPMG's Terry Strange presented testimony at the SEC hearings on Wednesday, stating that the SEC needs to take time to substantiate the need for the proposed guidelines, and that the SEC underestimates the ability of audit committees to address independence issues without SEC intervention.

Columbia Law Professor Offers Auditor/SEC Compromise
Testifying before the SEC today in the auditor independence hearings, a law school professor finds merit on both sides of the fence.

CPA Firms Testify (Briefly) Before SEC
July 26 - Representatives from Arthur Anderson, Deloitte & Touche, and KPMG testified today before the SEC in a brief, one-hour session. Is one hour enough time to plea for your life?

Three of Big 5 to Present Testimony
July 26 - Representatives from Arthur Andersen, KPMG, and Deloitte & Touche will be among the witnesses presenting testimony before the SEC today in the first day of public hearings on proposed limitations to auditors' scope of services. But where are Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers?

Schedule of Witnesses for Wednesday's SEC Hearings
July 25 - Here is Wednesday's schedule of CPAs, regulatory agency members, educators, and others who are scheduled to present testimony for and against the SEC's proposed auditor independence guidelines.

KPMG Slams 'Irrelevent' SEC Auditor Independence Rules
July 25 - KPMG has attacked the Securities & Exchange Commission's rulings for auditor independence as 'irrelevant and based entirely on misperception' on the eve of a public hearing looking into the proposals.

Andersen Hires Top Gun Lawyer to Fight SEC
July 25 - When lawyers speak ... judges listen, and in the case of the upcoming hearings by the SEC regarding consulting services, one tough lawyer may just be the firms' ace-in-the-hole.

SEC Using Microstrategy as Example of Auditor Independence Violations
July 18 - The SEC is focusing an investigation on the software company, MicroStrategy, claiming that auditors at PricewaterhouseCoopers encouraged the company to hire PwC consultants who in turn recommended overly aggressive accounting techniques which were then overlooked by the auditors.

Accountants Fight Back Against SEC Proposed Ruling
July 11 - What's an accounting firm to do? Speak up, that's what. Members of the Big 5 and the AICPA are joining forces in an attempt to combat the controversial SEC proposal to limit the consulting practices of CPA firms.

SEC Takes Accounting Firms to the Mat
June 27 - The SEC has announced new rules regarding the types of consulting practices in which accounting firms can and cannot participate. This tightening of the reigns is resulting in a face-off between the members of the Big Five accounting firms, the House Commerce Committee, which oversees the SEC, and the SEC itself.

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