Sarbanes Oxley Group Announces Professional SOX Certifications

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In response to the industry's cry for certification standards for Sarbanes Oxley professionals and auditors, the Sarbanes Oxley Group recently announced the launch of its SOXBase- and SOXPro- level training and certification programs.

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This announcement comes on the heels of a recent survey of the Group's global membership, which revealed that as many as 86% of the respondents knew of no formal training programs for Sarbanes Oxley certification. As one frustrated executive rightly pointed out, "there are standards for corporate compliance, but there are no standards for the individuals who would lead us there."

While certification at the SOXBase-level requires an individual to pass a qualifying exam which tests factual proficiency in the fundamental tenets of SOX, the SOXPro-level certification additionally mandates an experience evaluation and approval by the Board before the certification may be conferred upon the candidate. "Our goal," said SOX Group Chairperson Sanjay Anand, "is to put 'compliance' back into 'compliance training and education.'"

SOX Certification from the Group has been very well received by industry experts. According to Curtis Wegfahrt, Recruiting Manager at one of the largest global staffing and consulting service companies, "SOX Certification from the Sarbanes Oxley Group is one of the most valuable and practical certifications that every professional should have regardless of their industry or field." Wegfahrt also adds that, "employers and recruiters will be looking for this highly respected mark of industry achievement as professionals look to take their jobs, their careers and their companies to the next level."

For more information about the Sarbanes Oxley Group and its services to the global SOX community, visit

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