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Now it's easy to get the free special reports that have been used by over 100,000 managers all across the United States to improve their operations and stay on the right side of employment law. Below are just a few free downloadable reports you may access from Alexander Hamilton Institute, Inc. (AHI).

  • Overcoming Attendance Problems shines the legal spotlight on mistakes managers can make — and how to avoid them — when dealing with absenteeism and tardiness problems, especially regarding Family and Medical Leave Act and Workers' Comp requirements, along with pitfalls that exist when absenteeism decisions bump up against other anti-discrimination laws.
  • Wiping Out Sexual Orientation Discrimination In The Workplace takes a legal look at how sexual orientation discrimination affects the workplace, provides practical advice on how to promote a positive environment for all employees, and addresses the issue of gender identity. Plus, you also get a state-by-state summary of the statutes and provisions that prohibit sexual orientation discrimination.
  • Anti-Discrimination Training For Managers offers advice on how to implement an anti-discrimination training program for your managers, or polish up an existing training program, to keep your company from sinking into costly legal quagmires.
  • Investigations 101 provides you with the legal and practical basics for conducting the most common types of internal investigations, including sexual harassment, misconduct, and background investigations.
  • Q&A On Exempt Vs. Non-Exempt gives you the basics for determining whether employees are exempt from the minimum wage and overtime requirements of the FLSA, as well as provides the questions and answers to some of the most common workplace traps and trip-ups that cause classification consternation for employers.
  • Discipline Done Right offers legal and practical advice for doling out discipline, crafting and polishing a discipline policy, dealing with a problem employee, and adopting progressive discipline techniques. Plus you get a sample discipline documentation notice you can use to document your disciplinary efforts (available in the PDF version only).
  • Preparing For Performance Appraisal Interviews provides a step-by-step guide for conducting appraisal interviews successfully and legally, plus includes a form you can use to rate your PA interview technique.
  • Myths And Mistakes: Snaking Your Way Through COBRA Notification And Record-Keeping Traps probes beyond the usual questions involving this administratively-burdensome law and pinpoints key areas that can jump up and bite you on your bottom line when you wrestle with the complexities of COBRA coverage.
  • Termination Pay: What And When To Pay Terminating Employees provides you with a state-by-state summary of vacation pay upon termination, plus a chart summarizing each state's final pay laws.
  • Workplace Etiquette explains where to draw the line in situations where a manager's seemingly innocent remarks can cause lawsuits from offended employees. It will also teach you how poor workplace "manners" can lower employee morale and cause negative impressions among customers, clients, and potential future employees.
  • Navigating The Legal Minefield Of Recruiting, Interviewing, And Hiring identifies legal and practical pitfalls in the hiring/interviewing process, and offers expert guidance on how to make sure you and your company don't accidentally stumble into court.
  • Top Tips For Avoiding Performance Appraisal Mistakes helps you stay out of subjective territory during a critical evaluation review; enables you to create your own action checklist for appraising your appraisal process; and even gives you a workshop Q&A to point you toward consistently successful performance evaluations.
  • Paid Time Off Programs: Controlling Absenteeism explores the cutting edge of controlling employee absences and leave with ease. Do away with the administrative headaches associated with calculating workers' sick, vacation, and personal time off with this personnel management innovation. The report will show you how Paid Time Off (PTO) "banks" can save you time and money while reducing your legal liability and giving your employees an incentive to stay with the company longer, to boot. Finishes with a sample PTO policy perusal showing you exactly how to start offering "Paid Time Off." You'll wonder why you ever endured the hassle of a traditional absence system to begin with.

You may visit the Alexander Hamilton Institute, Inc. (AHI) Web site at to download any of the reports above for free.

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