Ran One Returns IP Rights to Ric Payne

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Ric Payne As part of a settlement agreement, Ran One, the organization originally started by Paul Dunn and Ric Payne, has transferred the intellectual property rights related to Results Accountants Systems and The Accountants Boot Camp to Ric Payne and his new consulting organization, Pricipa.

Ten years ago, Ric Payne and Paul Dunn founded Results Accountants Systems (RAS) - a practice management organization that brought the "Accountants Boot Camp" concept to the accounting profession. Over the last couple of years, RAS had undergone major changes, bringing in new management with a new vision of the future, changing the name to Ran One, and uncoupling the founders from the organization that they built.

As a result of the shakeup at Results Accountants Systems, in May 2002, Mr. Payne started Principa, a global consulting network serving over 70 accounting firms.

Last week, as part of the settlement, Ran One transferred to Ric Payne and Principa the exclusive ownership and rights to distribute the majority of the Intellectual Property and Consulting content previously associated with Results Accountants' Systems and the Accountants' Boot Camp.

"We're delighted with this outcome for Principa and for all members of the Principa Alliance, present and future" Payne said yesterday. "These consulting tools, along with the Accountants' Boot Camp methodologies represent 40 man-years of development and have been successfully used by thousands of firms around the world. We're very pleased to now integrate them into the Principa offering. Importantly, we can now also offer implementation support to firms who have invested in these systems previously."

Principa Alliance clients are also thrilled with this outcome. Said one member, Maria Berntson of Bakersfield based firm, Daniells, Phillips, Vaughan & Bock, "The resources and support we're already receiving from Principa give us a significant competitive advantage. Integrating the Results consulting methodologies into the offering will be the frosting on the cake and will definitely make this the consulting network that will lead "the firm of the future."

Ric Payne's partner at Results Accountants Systems, Paul Dunn, sold his interest in Ran One in 2000, moved to France, and will soon re-emerge with a new book entitled "The Firm of The Future and The Future of The Firm" co-authored with "Trashing the Timesheet" guru Ron Baker.

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