Not Your Ordinary Acquisition and Merger

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Accounting firms are usually acquired or merged with other accounting firms, or at least other financial services firms. Not so for Terry Moye and Associates, an accounting, tax and business computer systems service provider in the north Chicago area.

Mr. Moye is prepared to align his firm as a wholly own subsidiary of GFY Foods, Inc., becoming the financial services branch of the company. Mr. Moye currently provides accounting and consulting services to GFY Foods, which was founded in 2003 by Ed Schwalb.

GFY Foods currently operates a franchised café but the company is turning its focus to non-employee-driven assets such as life settlement policies, and the purchase, rehabbing and resale of commercial and residential properties among other revenue streams. As a subsidiary of GFY Foods, Mr. Moye will generate an new revenue stream by acquiring a new base of private clients by providing accounting, insurance and mutual fund brokerage services.

It is anticipated that Mr. Moye's experience in restaurant and retail finance will help GFY Foods, a publicly traded, over-the-counter company, achieve and maintain profitability. Due diligence work conducted by Mr. Moye prior to any acquisitions may be used as a predictor of the future success of any business deals under consideration by GFY Foods. GFY Foods also sees Mr. Moye as a key player should the company move forward as a franchiser.

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