How do Lawyers Feel About CPA Alliances?

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There have been many stories over the last several months about CPA firm alliances with lawyers to gain a stronger share of the business marketplace, but how do the lawyers feel about such a move?

Mixed, according to an e-mail survey of 300 Ohio attorneys. Half of the respondents indicated they are opposed to such alliances (which require changes to the Code of Conduct), 25 percent supported changes, and 23 percent were neutral or wanted more information.

The survey was held in conjunction with hearings held by the Ohio Bar Association to gauge support of the alliances. A partner in a firm said, "Whether we like it or not, accounting and other professional firms are carrying the day."

The Big Five firms already are providing legal services overseas, and last fall, Ernst & Young began an association with a new law firm to offer "integrated professional services."

What do you think about CPA/Law alliances?

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