Free Report: FAQ’s On The Family And Medical Leave Act

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This free report gives employers practical and legal advice on how to help employees handle work and family demands, while balancing the bottom line with retention and morale efforts. You also get a state-by-state look at which states require school visitation or parental leave.

When employees are faced with conflicts between their work duties and obligations to their family, their employers are often faced with a dilemma also. That is balancing the bottom line with retention and morale efforts...not to mention avoiding potential legal liabilities.

By reading this report you will learn:

  • Methods for finding a viable compromise between an employee's personal needs and your company's operational needs that may keep your organization out of court;
  • How to maintain a mandatory overtime policy that will stand up to legal scrutiny; and
  • Which states require employers to give parental leave for school activities or parent-teacher conferences.
  • Help your company avoid lawsuits spurred by work and family concerns by downloading AHI's free report: "When Work And Family Obligations Collide."

If you can't answer all 117 questions contained in this special report, “FAQs On The Family And Medical Leave Act", you may be headed for legal trouble.

Just ask the restaurant chain that fired a manager who was out on authorized medical leave, and got sued for FMLA violations. The employer lost the case AND $576,906!

Do you know the FMLA-compliant answers to questions like:

  1. "Halfway through her leave, an employee sent me a letter stating that she will not be returning at the end of her leave. Can I terminate her now, or is she entitled to the full 12 weeks?"
  2. "Should I include vacation or sick time when determining whether an employee has worked for at least 12 months?"
  3. "Are employees entitled to other benefits, such as holiday pay,
    while on leave?"

You may download this Free ReportWhen Work And Family Obligations Collide - "FAQs On The Family And Medical Leave Act" now. Please note that free site registration is required.

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