Foreign Criminal Extraditions

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We hear about criminal indictments stemming from accounting violations in our own country but do not hear about foreign extraditions from the U.S. or to the U.S. from other countries.


In a 1995 case, a $12.7 million case involving 14 counts of false accounting has lead to the extradition of a 44-year old man from the U.S. He appeared in Hong Kong's Eastern Magistracy last week, according to Hong Kong Law & Order. The case also involved seven counts of procuring the making of an entry in a bank record by deception.

Arrested in Las Vegas last August, the man allegedly presented false shipping documents and arranged for the transaction proceeds to be removed from accounts of four trading companies. Hong Kong Law & Order reports the bank found that that they had been manipulated and the shipping documents had been forged.

In 2003, a woman was extradited to Hong Kong from Singapore for the theft of more than $27 million and false accounting, as well as procuring the making of an entry in a bank record by deception and dealing with the proceeds of an indictable offence, according to Hong Kong Law & Order. The woman also made four unauthorized transfers of cash from bank accounts in Switzerland, the U.S. and Macau, between May and July 1997.

The Enron case made extraditions to the U.S. possible, according to the BBC News. A judge ruled that three British bankers, David Bermingham, Gary Mulgrew and Giles Darby, allegedly denied colluding with Enron to sell an investment at a lower-than-usual price. The men are pressed for the case to be heard in the United Kingdom, but the case went to the Home Secretary to decide extradition. They were eventually extradited to the U.S.

Bermingham told the Sunday Times, referring to Tom Wolfe's 'masters of the universe', “Perhaps I did think I was a master of the universe. I had been embraced by this genius, invited into his world. He was acknowledged as one of the greatest businessmen on the planet. He was a man who could do no wrong. But looking back, one has to question what it did for my moral compass. I believed in him [Andrew Fastow] completely.”

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