'Employers Use Waivers For Legal Protection' Free Report

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Any time an employee is terminated, employers risk wrongful termination lawsuits in response. Fortunately a new free report released on AHI's Employment Law Resource Center can help reduce the risk.

A free report "Employers Use Waivers For Legal Protection" lays the groundwork for employers to create their own legally-defensible waiver agreements.

Included in this report:

Waiver Basics: Discover the requirements under the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act (OWBPA) needed for a knowing and voluntary waiver.

Case Law: Learn about the landmark Supreme Court ruling that led to sweeping revisions on waiver policies, as well as the latest court rulings costing companies hundreds of thousands in fines and lawsuits.

Waiver Tips: Employers can familiarize themselves with the do's and don'ts of drafting and executing waivers to help ensure that employees can't later claim they weren't knowing and voluntary.

FREE Sample Waiver Form: Make sure a company's HR department is in compliance with a FREE Sample Waiver Form straight from AHI's "Complete Personnel Documentation Library" on CD-ROM.

Employers can download this free report for free. Please note, free registration on the Web site is required.

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