3 RBZ Partners to Share Management Duties

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In a strategic move to fuel its steady growth, the Los Angeles-based accounting and business consulting firm RBZ, LLP has named three partners to share the Managing Partner position which Thomas J. Schulte has held for nine years and will complete this July.

After careful consideration, the position has been divided into three distinct areas headed by partners, who in addition to continue handling their current client base, will begin transitioning into the roles now. They are:

Managing Partner: David Roberts, with over 10 years with RBZ and head of the firm's Law Firm Services practice, will assume the lead executive role of the firm in activities such as representing the firm in the business and civic community, meeting recruits, and serving as firm spokesperson.

Visionary Partner: Harvey Bookstein, who with Ted Roth and David Zaslow, founded the firm more than 30 years ago, will be the Visionary Partner. With over 30 years of public accounting experience and in-depth real estate expertise, he has been instrumental in driving the firm's growth to more than 100 employees. In this role, Mr. Bookstein will identify and tap opportunities such as practice acquisition, new niche practice areas and additional office locations, in addition to other similar responsibilities.

Administrative Partner: Mark Baumohl, who serves as co-Partner-in-Charge of the RBZ Family Wealth Services practice group, will also head up the most time consuming aspect of the managing partner's role, that of growing firm infrastructure and seeing that it supports RBZ's ability to provide unparalleled service to its clients.

"The completion of my role as Managing Partner provided an opportunity for us to step back and examine what was needed to continue to serve our clients, and move the firm forward," said Mr. Schulte, who specializes in working with non-profit and middle market clients, and will return full-time to these practice areas. "Working together, Harvey, David and Mark, make a solid leadership team that will guide the firm in its innovation and growth. The support they gave me during the past ten years already demonstrates their ability to take the firm into our next successful chapter."

Since its founding in 1975, the accounting and business consulting firm, RBZ, LLP, has become one of the largest independent accounting firms in the Los Angeles area. It serves clients in five distinct practice areas: Law Firms, Real Estate, Family Wealth, Nonprofits, Middle-Market.

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