Writing a Winning Resume for Accounting Positions

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Resume writing is an art, no doubt. While today's word processing programs have templates that help you write your resume, there are a few aspects that are standard regardless of what job you're applying for - then there are aras of the resume that are indicative to accounting-related positions.

Accountants on Call President Diane O'Meally pares the advice down to common sense. For example, she says that if you're applying for an accounting position, you probably shouldn't indicate how many words you can type, but comment about how you helped reduce expenses in connection with a project or activity.

On top of that, here are the basics for a resume:

  • include name, address, phone number, and e-mail at top;
  • state your objective, and focus on your accomplishments;
  • keep your resume short and to the point, and ensure it is easy to read;
  • include education, professional affiliations, awards, and job descriptions; and
  • be honest, and more than anything, proofread!

Meally says typos in a resume are a big black mark counting against you. Be sure to read over the resume for any errors or misspellings.

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