Web site community looks to build upon its "hip quotient" with release of hip hop single

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How do you change perceptions about the accounting profession? Well, if you are the folks behind The Passionate Accountant.com, you release a hip hop single and mobile phone ringtone, naturally.

The Passionate Accountant, according to founder Edi Osborne, is a Web site community dedicated to raising expectations business clients have of their CPA relationship.

The single by rap artist Young Pome, aptly named "Passionate Accountant.com", puts a modern spin on the profession’s value to business owners. The song also embodies the core values that separate passionate accountants from their peers, according to the company. The ringtone is available for download at www.thepassionateaccountant.com, while the full version of the song is available on iTunes.

"We wanted a memorable way to raise awareness about professionals who go beyond traditional accounting services to help their clients improve business performance", Osborne said. "We expect this tune to get us in front of a new audience."

By releasing the single, members of the Passionate Accountant community expect to see increased traffic to their Web site. If nothing else, business owners and accountants will be curious to see just what kind of people are behind the song.

"Once business owners get to the Web site, they will see immediately through blog posts, success stories, and resources, how these accountants are different from their peers", said Osborne. "In many cases, business owners don’t know what to expect when dealing with their accountant. We want to raise their expectations."

For more than 20 years, the accounting profession has been talking about practitioners’ need to broaden their skill set to address a wider range of client needs. Although most practitioners would agree they need to do more for their clients, they often are too busy providing traditional compliance work to re‐tool themselves. Members of The Passionate Accountant community say they are committed to making regular investments in their education and professional development so they can address the greater needs of their clients.

The release of the new hip hop single demonstrates that this group clearly marches to the beat of a different drummer.

"I prefer country western music myself, but the music and messaging carried out to a hip hop beat is right on for young entrepreneurs", said Tim Tikalsky, CPA, partner at Rina accountancy corporation in Walnut Creek, California, and member of the Passionate Accountant.com community.

Osborne pointed out",We will know that the song has made its mark when people start saying they can’t get it out of their head, much like the often referred to FreeCreditReport.com song that even got a nod at this year’s Academy Awards."

When asked if there was any concern about such a radical approach to creating buzz about the community’s Web site Osborne said",We are not looking to attract every accountant or every business owner to the site. The message is intended to attract the already out‐of-the‐box CPA who likes to roll up his/her sleeves and take an active role in his client’s success. And on the business owner side, we hope to educate them to raise their expectations of accountants. Think of this site as a Match.com for entrepreneurs and maverick CPAs."

About Mentor Plus:

Mentor Plus, a training and consulting company to the accounting profession since 1997, is dedicated to helping firms make the transition from a service centric to a client centric culture. Through its programs, accountants learn the art of understanding and the science of exceeding clients’ needs. Mentor Plus works exclusively with forward‐thinking accountants who want to help their clients improve their businesses and achieve their goals. Its unique training programs provide instruction in three critical areas: skill set, tool set, and mind set. For more information contact, Edi Osborne, founder and CEO of Carmel Valley, CA-based Mentor Plus, (831) 659‐7587.

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