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Universal Accounting, a Salt Lake City-based training center for accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation with its Profit Expert Programs, has recently announced the formation of the company's Student Care Center, which aims to motivate and support students throughout their participation and completion of Universal Accounting's study courses.

After a Universal Accounting student enrolls, an Orientation Counselor calls the new student to ensure the course materials have arrived and to help him or her successfully start the course. Over the next five weeks, the counselor works to motivate the student and keep him on track to finish the course and reach end goals in starting a successful home-based business. Because the focus on student care began, Universal Accounting has seen a 23 percent improvement in the number of students completing their final exams.

"Many home-study programs get students to enroll, then let them drop off the radar once they have collected their fees", said Allen Bostrom, CPA, Universal Accounting CEO, and author of business books In the Black, Nine Principles to Make Your Business More Profitable, and Red to Black in 30 Days. "Universal Accounting is leading the industry in student support. We want our students to be successful in their accounting careers and also learn how to launch an accounting business from start to finish, and we want to see completion rates continue to rise as we help them see it through to the end."

Depending on the program the student signs up for, Universal Accounting includes 6 to 12 months of continuing support, which is invaluable to new accounting and bookkeeping professionals. Participants can call Universal Accounting any time to ask questions and receive answers from tax professionals, CPAs, and accountants.

"If someone asks one of our students a question and they don't know the answer, the student can come to Universal Accounting for help", said Bostrom. "A simple `I will get back to you on that later today' allows the student to call us and speak with an expert coach to get their tax, accounting, and general business questions answered."

Universal Accounting employs coaches to assist students in success. The following individuals are available as Universal Accounting coaches:

  • Ken Bostrom is one of the top contributors for Universal Accounting's Professional Bookkeeper's Guide to Quickbooks, and has more than 20 years of experience teaching accounting and accounting software programs. As a professional speaker and trainer, he is sought out for his ability to make complex topics easy to understand and fun.
  • Bill Brough is one of the main authors for Universal Accounting's Professional Tax Preparer Program (PTP) and is an accounting and tax coach who has helped hundreds of students develop and complete the Universal Accounting curriculum.
  • David Sherwood is a Practice Development Coach for Universal Accounting with more than 20 years of experience in marketing, business management, and networking. He has spearheaded some of the advanced marketing programs for Universal Accounting helping hundreds of students start and build their own bookkeeping and accounting services.

About Universal Accounting:

Universal Accounting offers seminars, interactive tutorial software, training guides, and booklets, as well as personal coaching and even pre-packaged marketing programs to help its students be successful. Universal Accounting students are provided proven and achievable business models that allow them to make money, diversify their income, and obtain financial security by starting their own business, or making their company more profitable.

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