Texas Comptroller Announces Revamped Tax Dispute Process

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Texas Comptroller Susan Combs recently announced the implementation of changes in all phases of the tax dispute resolution process, including audits, appeals, hearings, and rulings. The comptroller said that in addition to making the process fairer, the changes will make the process faster.

"We will tighten timelines and adhere to deadlines, not only for taxpayers, but for the agency as well," she said.

Under the revamped process, taxpayers will have three opportunities to resolve tax disputes and thereby avoid hearings before administrative law judges:

  • audit results will be subject to an independent review outside the comptroller's Audit Division;
  • if an issue is not resolved during the independent audit review, a hearings attorney will seek an informal resolution with the taxpayer; and
  • for the first time, an optional mediation will be available for taxpayers in a final effort to reach a settlement before a hearing is scheduled.

More information about the tax process changes may be viewed at http://www.window.state.tx.us/taxinfo/taxprocess/.

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