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Survey: Accounting Jobs Can Take as Long as a Month to Fill

Apr 21st 2014
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CFOs are having a tough time filling vacancies quickly in their accounting and finance departments, according to a new survey from staffing services firm Robert Half.

Open staff-level positions in accounting or finance take an average of four weeks to fill, according to the more than 2,100 CFOs nationwide who participated in the survey. Also, financial executives take five weeks on average to fill vacant management-level positions in their accounting and finance departments.

Paul McDonald, Robert Half senior executive director, said companies need to make recruitment an ongoing priority, even if they are not actively looking to hire.

“A pipeline of potential candidates can speed up the hiring process and prevent problems associated with being short-staffed, like burnout of key employees,” he said in a written statement.

McDonald added that working with a specialized recruiting firm can accelerate the hiring timeline.

“Recruiters have access to hard-to-find candidates, including professionals who are not actively looking for a new job but are ready to make a move for the right opportunity,” he said.

Richard D. Alaniz, senior partner at Alaniz Schraeder Linker Farris Mayes LLP, a national labor and employment law firm based in Houston, wrote an article for AccountingWEB in late February on seven tips that can improve the outcome of a company’s hiring process. To recap, they include:

  1. Ask consistent questions of each candidate.
  2. Use simple rating scales.
  3. Know the purpose of each question.
  4. Ensure all interviewers are trained.
  5. Use panel interviews.
  6. Pay close attention to the candidates.
  7. Avoid math errors.

“By reviewing their hiring process and following the tips laid out, employers will place themselves in a better position to identify, acquire, and retain quality employees,” Alaniz wrote.

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