State Farm Launches Online Financial Education Program for Students

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State Farm(R) this week unveiled a new financial education website that provides fun ways for K-12 students to learn basic principles of financial responsibility and money management.

With only a handful of states requiring students to complete a personal finance course before graduating high school(1), the State Farm "Common Cents"(TM) online program can help parents and educators give children the real-life skills they need to become smart consumers, sensible savers and responsible investors.

Located in the "Kid Stuff" section of State Farm's website at, the "Common Cents" program provides lessons and educational games for students in grades K-12.

The site includes parent and teacher guides and age-appropriate lessons focusing on six key principles of financial literacy: saving, earning, investing, risk management, decision-making, and money management.

A State Farm survey conducted last year found fewer than one-quarter of young adults (24%) claim to have a good understanding of how to invest in the stock market or mutual funds and fewer than half pay off their credit card every month or have a rainy day fund.

"The State Farm 'Common Cents' website offers students compelling ways to learn. I urge parents and teachers to discover how they can use this program to help students learn to manage their own finances and grow to be financially responsible adults," said Robert Duvall, President and CEO of the National Council on Economic Education.

"We have designed 'Common Cents' to give parents and teachers a resource that helps children learn financial responsibility," said Jack North, State Farm Executive Vice President of Financial Services. "Through engaging exercises, the 'Common Cents' online program focuses on providing real-life skills that prepare children early on how to make informed financial decisions."

"The State Farm 'Common Cents' program is a significant resource that will help advance the field of economic education," says Joseph Aguerrebere, President of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards(R).

Material on the State Farm "Common Cents" website is organized into four grade level groups -- K-2; 3-5; 6-8; and 9-12. The site includes printable lesson plans and activities for classroom use, a parent's guide with at-home activities and interactive games for students. The "Common Cents" website was developed with the National Council on Economic Education and National Board Certified Teachers(R) serving as content reviewers.

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By sheila
Jun 26th 2015 01:12

Wow! This is a great way of teaching kids how to manage finances and most importantly how to save... I struggled a lot on how I will manage my finances soon after I had my first job... i was able to learn a lot the HARD way though... Now that I am a mom and I have a kid, I wanted her to know the importance of saving and how to invest... We are now based here in Dubai and it is very challenging for me to manage or finances in this expensive country... Anyways, thank you for this article...

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By binayah
Jul 24th 2017 10:46

Well, Yes completely agree on it and very helpful for the readers to follow.

Thanks for the share


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