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AccountingWEB presents our favorite funny, quirky quotes of the year to give you a good feeling for the debates and discussions that have gone on around the accounting profession in 2003 related to the American Institute of CPAs.

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  1. "The AICPA has made some big blunders," Charles Niemeier, acting chief of the PCAOB, attributing some of the blame of the current state of the accounting profession to the 350,000 member organization that used to be in charge of self-regulation for the profession. FULL STORY
  2. "I sincerely hope your copywriters were not trying to capitalize on the unfortunate situation some large accounting firms are in," AICPA President, in a letter to H&R Block Chairman Mark Ernst, strongly encouraging him to remove television ads seen as "disparaging" to the profession. FULL STORY
  3. "What the profession most needs during this difficult period is strong leadership and an unwavering commitment to serving its clients responsibly and ethically . . . rather than nitpicking H&R Block's advertising." H&R Block Chairman Mark Ernst in response to AICPA President Barry Melancon's request for H&R Block to remove television ads. FULL STORY
  4. "We think the issue needs immediate attention before this practice becomes even more widespread and before any problem may occur that would have a negative affect on the profession as a whole." Texas CPA Society letter to AICPA Chairman Scott Voynich on the practice of outsourcing accounting work overseas. FULL STORY
  5. "Members should … be aware that they are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the services provided by the outsourcing provider." AICPA Chair Scott Voynich in his response to the Texas CPA Society Board concern over outsourcing. FULL STORY
  6. "As you know, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act grants the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board the authority to set auditing standards," SEC Chief Accountant Jackson Day, in a sharply worded letter to Charles Landes, AICPA Director of Audit and Attest Standards, expressing concern over the mistaken perception that the AICPA is more involved in the standard setting process than they really are. FULL STORY

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