Our Friday Wrap-Up: What You May Have Missed This Week

Nov 21st 2014
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Key AccountingWEB articles you can't afford to miss:

The 4 Global Management Accounting Principles Your Company Can Adopt

Developed by the AICPA and the CIMA, the management accounting guidance serves as a blueprint for effective analysis that can be universally applied by public and private organizations of all sizes, worldwide.

The 4 Essential Steps to Firing Employees with Minimal Drama

No one enjoys firing someone. (Well, most people don't.) But even if you can’t wait to see your employee walk out the door, take precautions to avoid a lawsuit. Don't make this harder than necessary.

How to Grow Your Firm: Learn How to Perform Business Valuations

Business valuations can fit in naturally with an accounting firm’s existing service line-up because they touch on many areas, such as tax planning, succession planning, and business strategy.

When Communicating with Your Clients, Less Is Often More

You need to stop focusing on creating a large quantity of content (feeding all those demanding social media channels) and instead focus on creating content that can help you build long-term relationships.

Learn the 'Secret' to Taking a Parental Dependency Exemption

Do you contribute toward the support of another household that includes two or more relatives, such as your father and mother? Many taxpayers mishandle these payments, losing a valuable tax break.

Articles from Other Sift Media Sites:

Going Concern:You're Not Really as Busy as You Claim

Back in my CPA review days, freaked out candidates would call me up and ask me how to make time to study for the exam.

Open Items:Private vs. Public -- The Eternal Question!

Too many job offers and I can't decide. This is just about career strategizing, so thanks in advance for any advice, my noble snarky friends of GC!

The Queen's AccountingWEB:Low-paid workers 'trapped' in tax relief schemes

Tax experts have called on the government to amend the tax and NIC legislation for employees' travel expenses in order to put the rules on a "right and proper footing" for low-paid workers.

BusinessZone:The seven golden rules of interviewing a prospective employee

Taking on staff is one of the most important tasks a small business owner has to carry out so you need to make sure you take on the right people.

HRZone:A radical new model for gender equality

Morality is obviously relevant; to what extent are our morals certain? A prime example is the subjugation of women.

My Customer:Why customer pain can be good for business

Pursuing excellence, customer-centricity and continuous improvement are obsolete.

TrainingZone:Coaching models explored: VISTA

Models are a great tool when coaching, particularly when you are fairly new to the role of coach.


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