Human Resources Projections for 2001

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What's ahead for HR and our workplaces? What will be our greatest challenges? Successes? What will leaders need to deal with in this new year and beyond? and Worklife Design have compiled a list of projections for the coming year in the Human Resources arena. These issues are outlined below.

  • The pace of change will increase. The World Future Society projects there will be more change in the next ten years than there has been in the past 200 years!
  • Technology will expand the fastest. As long as we can find a phone line we can be connected to anybody, anywhere. Be sure you're ready.
  • Boutiques are returning. Mega-mergers may be great for a few executives, but by and large they have not been great for employees or consumers.
  • People are working more years. More and more people in their 60s and 70s have no intention of "retiring" in the traditional sense.
  • The way work gets done doesn't look the same. Traditional top-down organizations still exist. There are still managers who yell and swear at employees. There are still company owners who will pay as little as they can in order to make quotas. But it's changing.
  • Downsizings are increasing. The pain of the massive downsizings of the 1980s and 1990s will surface again. As a result of poor leadership, many will experience what their parents and grandparents experienced years earlier. Downsizings will even further contribute to the demise of "employee loyalty."
  • There aren't enough good people to go around. We all know leaders who can't find good people. They try all kinds of recruiting tricks. The truth is, though, there just aren't enough good people to go around.

Is it all gloom for 2001? No!

There are many challenges ahead for leaders. And an equal number of opportunities to create new paradigms. Opportunities to be successful, in the full sense of the word. It is indeed an exciting time to live and work and make things happen, and to be a part of the expanding profession!

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