Finding His Voice – New York CPA Auditions for 'The Glee Project'

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By Deanna C. White

Move over Clark Kent. You're no longer the only seemingly button-down urban professional who's decided to shed his conservative suit and tie to pursue his true identity.

This fall, Nick DeSanto, CPA, a senior associate at Ernst & Young in New York City, is stepping beyond his conventional nine-to-five image to audition for guest role on the hit musical TV show Glee.

"I've always had such a passion for creativity and singing, but I've never allowed myself to go out there and try it", DeSanto said. "When this competition came up, I thought it would be the perfect first step toward achieving my dream."

DeSanto is just one of 3,711 (and counting) aspiring performers who've decided to test their singing skills in Oxygen's The Glee Project competition. He may, however, be the only CPA in the running.

"The biggest obstacle I've ever faced is to step out from behind my accounting degree, all the debits and the credits, and just walk into this creative world to try to find out about myself and the life I'm supposed to live", the twenty-four-year-old native New Yorker said.

DeSanto is quick to point out he has no desire to leave his current gig in public accounting, but he believes a guest shot on Glee would give him the chance to pursue his lifelong dream.

The Glee Project is a reality TV series produced by Oxygen. Participants selected from the audition process will win a spot on the competition series, with the ultimate prize of being a guest performer on FOX TV's Glee.The Glee Project is currently holding auditions for its second season, asking singers, dancers, and actors over the age of eighteen to audition. Contestants can audition online at the competition site or at open casting calls to be held in New York, Chicago, and Nashville this November.

Visitors to the Web site can support their favorite performers by "liking" their audition videos. The number of "likes" a performer gets can ultimately influence the judges' decisions when selecting participants for The Glee Project. Auditions will end on November 13.

DeSanto said the most exciting part of participating in the competition is all the support and encouragement he's received from family, friends, and coworkers. He's also thrilled that people are finally getting to hear him sing.

If chosen to appear on Glee, DeSanto said his dream role would be to portray someone living a life similar to the one he's living right now. "I'd like to be the character who always wanted to be in musicals and talent shows but never had the confidence", DeSanto said. "The guy who realizes if he doesn't step up and grab the microphone, life will just pass him by."

To view DeSanto's audition and help him to achieve his dream, visit and click the thumbs-up symbol to "like" his video performance.

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