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The Association for Accounting Administration is making several of its member benefits available to AccountingWEB members to help in the administration of a firm's practice and to introduce our members to AAA.

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The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) went into effect for employers with at least 15 employees in July 1994. Although the ADA does not require job descriptions, the law does require that otherwise qualified job applicants and employees be able to perform the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation. Thus, employers need to know the essential functions of every job in their firm. The use of well written job descriptions provides not only a good reference point, but also can serve as a legal defense in a disability discrimination, or wrongful discharge, claim.Every day, businesses are confronted with disasters of varying degrees. Those that have adequately developed, maintained, and exercised their contingency plans will survive. Yet many partners continue to take the uninhibited operations of their firms for granted. They remain complacent, assuming that the power will always be available, the telephone system will not fail, there will be no fire or earthquake, everything will always be normal. Very few executives plan for their own, much less their firm's mortality; however, if a business is to survive, organizational "strategic" and "tactical" battle planning is essential. This document will help you outline your battle plan. (This is a Microsoft Word document - 161k)This publication is designed as the 2002 member benefit to members of the Association for Accounting Administration. The information contained in this document was gathered from members over the past few years. Ownership is given where possible. However, due to the strong networking experiences and exchange of ideas by the members, several of the 'original' ideas have been massaged, redesigned and passed down from member to member. It's our goal to stress the importance of humor and fun in the workplace. Members are encouraged to use this document to improve the morale of their staff and add some fun to the daily lives of their employees and co-workers. The information gathered in this document was gathered to apply to member firms of all sizes, specialties and structures.

The most important day for an employee — and for the employer are the days that surround the hiring, orientation, training and development of an employee. In today's marketplace, we see more employees and prospective employees wanting to know exactly where they stand, what's in store for them, and how do they get there. To this end, companies are taking a step back and ensuring that they have their “ducks in a row” as they bring new staff on board. One of the most important steps is a good initial orientation for that employee. This booklet is hopefully an outline to give guidance to companies as they take this initial step. It's a way in which to ensure that you cover the elements to enable the employee to get off on the right foot and the company to come across in the best of light. It is all important that the employee is properly oriented and trained to ensure that he/she becomes a viable member of the team that you wish to employ.

About the Association for Accounting Administration

The Association for Accounting Administration was founded on January 1, 1984, to enable accounting firm administrators to communicate with one another and provide each other with the benefits of everyone's experiences in what was a new and emerging profession.

Through a combination of local meetings and seminars, and national conferences, publications and surveys, AAA, an individual membership society, offers maximum benefit to members at minimal cost.

Annual membership begins at just $275 for a firm administrator, and $225 per year for subsequent members from the same firm. Visit www.cpaadmin.org for additional information.

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