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If an HR department could choose one management function to avoid, it would be disciplining employees. As demonstrated through countless court cases over the past few years, the lack of, or improper implementation of, discipline procedures could result in a whirlpool of fines and lawsuits that will negatively affect your company's bottom line and ultimately hurt your employees.

This free report will provide you with the information you need to create an air-tight discipline procedure for protecting your company.

Topics include:

Discipline Has Its Day In Court: Read up on the latest court cases involving discipline and learn from other companies' mistakes.

Choosing How To Chastise: Michelle Miller, president and founding partner of the Miller Law Group, talks about the differences between performance-based and conduct-based discipline systems, and dispenses suggestions on how to handle both.

Disciplining Step-By-Step: Compare your discipline step-by-step with this handy guide and find out if your policy has potentially damaging loopholes that can result in lawsuits.

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