Boston CPA Offers Free Financial Training to 1,000 Entrepreneurs

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Carole A. Symonds, CPA, MST is offering small business owners an avenue to learn how to make their businesses more profitable and increase their earnings. The first 1,000 small business owners applying for online training at before June 30, 2006, will receive training valued at $3,100 and previously available only at live seminars. A $37.00 registration fee applies.

“95 [sic] percent of businesses fail. If your business is in the black, but still not getting ahead, you are not alone,” Symonds, a partner in one of the Big Four Public Accounting Firms recently told radio listeners. “Research shows that 80 percent of new business within 6 years, and 95 percent are out of business within 10 years.”


The training is easy five-step approach that can make any business more profitable and any business owner or manager more financially savvy. It is based on the work of her late father, Curtis W. Symonds, the world's preeminent authority on Return on Invested Capital. The success of his strategies have been touted by industry leaders, university professors, and industry editors as being the most important training voice in financial management for the new millennium.

In a recent interview, Symonds cited five common myths on business and finance:

  1. Positive cash flow is equal to profitability. In fact, cash flow generally increases right before a business fails.
  2. Revenue growth is essential to bottom line growth. The truth is that growing too fast can put a business in jeopardy.
  3. Cost of Capital is the same for every business. Most managers don't know what their cost of capital is, or how to manage it when they do.
  4. You need an accounting degree to understand finance. The financial techniques that are key to running a successful business can be learned and applied immediately by virtually anyone.

“Most business owners are not financial experts and, therefore, cannot see the warning signs until it's too late,” Symonds cautions.

The training is offered through Global Financial Publishing

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