AICPA Announces Plan for Vote on 'XYZ' Credential

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This past spring, at its council meeting, the AICPA decided to put plans on hold for the controversial 'XYZ' credential until feedback could be obtained from the organization's membership.

This September the AICPA plans to announce the official name for the credential, and soon after the fall council meeting, a national ballot will be offered to all members of the AICPA, wherein members can cast their vote on the fate of the credential.

The AICPA has indicated its intention to abide by the results of that vote. To pass, the global credential would have to garner voter support from 2/3 of those who choose to return the ballot.

"We will only move ahead if there is membership support," said a spokesperson from the AICPA. "The decision of our members is the decision we will follow."

The ballot will be mailed in late October. Only AICPA members are eligible to participate in the vote, and those who receive ballots will have 60 days in which to return the ballots and have their votes counted.

You can read more about the global credential at the AICPA's global credential Web site. Read what other AccountingWEB members have to say about the credential, and add your own comments. You can also send your comments directly to the AICPA.

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