AccountingWEB Weekly News Wrap-up "Debut" - Issue 1

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The AccountingWEB Newswire - Issue 1

July 22, 1999

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Welcome to this inaugural edition of the AccountingWEB newswire.
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AccountingWEB was developed to help you - today's busy CPA
professional - sift through the exponentially increasing amount
of information that is inundating every aspect of your
professional life. You have client issues to focus on. Let us
help you quickly get the answer to questions which directly
affect you: What's happening in the accounting profession? What
are the latest technical issues of relevance to practitioners?
What's happening in the world of technology? How do you maximize
the use of the Internet? What are other CPAs doing and saying
that can help us all? We'll conveniently bring the answers
directly to your desktop each week in a concise, quick overview
through the newswire.

Complimenting the weekly newswire will be our ever-changing
website community,a virtual
smorgasbord of information, resources, news and practice
management tips designed exclusively for the accounting

AccountingWEB already has a very successful on-line community for
the accounting profession in the United Kingdom and an active web
site, currently draws
thousands of accountants each month. We intend to build upon
that success and set up a similar community for CPAs.

Our credo is simple: "To inform, to enrich, to enlighten and to
entertain." I have been involved with building accounting
networks for 15 years through Associated Accounting Firms
International and Moore Stephens North America, Inc. What we are
doing now is building an on-line professional community, a
destination of choice for everyone involved in the accounting
profession to enhance and enrich their careers.

If you like this newswire, we ask that you please encourage every
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Michael T. Platt


[email protected]


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Around the Profession

CPA services now being auctioned on-line

As if there weren't enough financial pressures on today's CPA
firms, new services are popping up on the web from small local
brokers to giants such as, the big online job search
site, and even Microsoft itself, to bring potential clients and
CPA service providers together through an auction environment.
Clients who need consulting help on a project for a couple of
days -- or those who are looking for an annual audit -- can now
go online, set up the parameters of their assignment, and set
their own price the way the travel industry is doing through CPA's across the country can bid for the job, and
in many cases do the work remotely. Like it or not, the
technology is here to facilitate this auction environment. More
and more clients are beginning to use this kind of service, and
it requires an even greater commitment on your part to keeping
the clients you have! Be sure to check out these sites to see
what new competitors you are facing - or to find a business
opportunity yourself!

Washington Update

They're at it again. As the dog days of summer grind on in
Washington, politicians on both sides of the aisle are scrambling
to conclude their annual "lets-change-the-tax-code" dance before
the Labor Day recess. The "Financial Freedom Act of 1999"
includes proposals for a 10% across-the-board tax rate reduction;
marriage tax penalty relief; incentives for specific savings and
investments; education, health care and death tax relief; and
much more. The goal: use up some of the $1 trillion surplus
projected for the next few years. See the full proposal:

Sage survey reports widespread business discontent with federal

Small Business executives are deeply concerned about the ability
of the federal government to meet their needs, reports Sage
Software, in a survey released this week. The Sage Small
Business Government Regulations Survey targeted business owners
of mid-size companies (10-500 employees) and revealed that over
three fourths of those surveyed felt that the government is out
of touch with the needs of small businesses. Good news comes for
the Small Business Administration, who received generally high
marks in its ability to relate to small business. (We're glad to
see that!)

Report recommends self regulation for the internet

The US Federal Trade Commission has recommended that no
legislation should be passed on Internet privacy. In a new report
entitled "Self-Regulation and Privacy Online" they argue that
self regulation is the best way to protect consumer privacy on
the Internet. According to the report, significant progress has
already been made in this direction, but it also warns that
there are some serious challenges which need to be faced.

Internet tips : Web site of the week

This week's Site of The Week is NetMind. Those of you who are
following activities of particular companies, organizations, or
even family members who have their own web site can register
those sites that you are tracking with NetMind, and you will be
emailed automatically when those sites are changed or updated.
This is great if you want to follow news of your clients,
referral sources, etc. Be sure to follow up any client
developments with a phone call and keep an eye out for any
business opportunities that may appear!

What are your favorite sites or Internet tips? Send in your
suggestions to [email protected]

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