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AccountingWEB Announces Winners of 2011 Fittest Accounting Firms Contest

Jan 10th 2012
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By Gail Perry

AccountingWEB is pleased to announce the winners of its 2011 Fittest Accounting Firms survey! Three firms were selected as winners based on criteria that included:

  • Fitness activities offered within the accounting firm
  • Wellness programs and coaching offered to employees
  • Firm-wide encouragement of fitness activities during the workday
  • Reimbursement programs for fitness/wellness activities
  • Firm-wide team sports
  • Fitness incentive programs
  • Availability of ergonomic furniture/equipment

Participating firms competed with others in the same size bracket, and one winning firm was selected from each bracket:

  • Firm size 1-10 members
  • Firm size 11-50 members
  • Firm size 51+ members

The winning firm in the category of 1-10 members is Ed Sipowicz, CPA of Shrewsbury, MA. At Ed Sipowicz, CPA, firm members are encouraged to participate in Crossfit training classes twice a week in the morning as well as at lunchtime. There is a walking path right next to the office. Firm members participate in the Greater Worcester Adult Soccer Association as well as golf leagues. Staff members have the option of choosing a bosu ball in lieu of a traditional desk chair.

The winning firm in the category of 11-50 members is Faw, Casson & Co., LLP of Dover, DE. At Faw, Casson & Co, a nutritionist comes in monthly for "lunch and learn" wellness and nutritional living coaching sessions, and the firm has a monthly walking challenge. All staff members receive pedometers, and competitions have been organized both with teams and individuals. The firm provides mapped routes with mileage that can be walked during lunch. Last year firm members participated in a "Biggest Loser" contest during tax season. A nutritionist oversaw the weekly weigh-ins and provided one-on-one mentoring regarding weight loss and nutritional goals. The people who participated lost a total of 121 pounds in 12 weeks! The company kitchen features a water cooler, granola bars, pretzels, and fresh fruit.

The winning firm in the category of 51+ members is Sensiba San Filippo LLP in San Jose, CA. Sensiba San Filippo has four offices, and each building has either a free fitness center side, within one block, or a local fitness center discount option. The firm brings in outside training sources on a quarterly basis for training on yoga, pilates, stress management, and nutrition. Free onsite chair massages are offered during busy season, and yoga mats and weights are available onsite. Free year-round wellness coaching is also available. Group walks are organized by office staff, and firm members are encouraged to use stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible. The firm participates in softball tournaments, group bocce ball, bowling, and golfing events as well as group walkathon fundraisers. Ergonomic desks, chairs, keyboards, and mice are made available to firm members. Employees are encouraged to engage in stretching, deep breathing, getting up for a walk or glass of water, and participate in lunch and learn events and walkathons. Many online wellness options are available to the staff through the company's wellness program. Progress is monitored on those who choose to take the personal health profile/assessment and are trying to achieve health and wellness goals.

Read more about workplace fitness in the AccountingWEB Workplace Fitness Zone where you will find dozens of easy exercises you can do in the comfort of your office, in your work clothes, with no special equipment. Sign up for AccountingWEB's Daily Dose of Workplace Fitness newsletter to receive daily tips for afternoon revival breaks, and look for the 2012 Fittest Accounting Firm survey later this spring.


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