10 tips to help NFPs run at peak performance

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Right now is a good time to take stock of your organization and make sure it is running at its best. Indianapolis-based Financial Technologies and Management has compiled a list of tips from which every organization can benefit. Read and consider following through on these suggestions to make next year even better than the last.

  1. Accept Donations Online
    While most non-profits have a Web site, more than 30 percent do not accept online donations. It's a fact that people give more when they make online donations. There are a number of online donation options that integrate with existing accounting software.
  2. Back It Up
    There are more options than ever to conveniently back up your organization's vital business data. You simply cannot afford the risk of not consistently performing data backups and storing those backups safely off-site.
  3. Keep It Current
    Keep your organization's hardware and software systems current. Keep your knowledge current - make a point to learn and utilize all features of your software to its best advantage. Keep your Web site current. Be sure that your Web site is accurate and up-to-date and that it presents your organization's mission and purpose in a compelling way.
  4. Get Involved
    Join or form your own non-profit agency user group or networking group. Talking with other individuals in similar organizations can help spark new ideas, reenvigorate existing plans, and create valuable contacts.
  5. Maintain Donor Loyalty
    Your donors may be feeling stretched by the volume of charitable need this past year. Make a point to thank them for their support and remind them of the valuable work your organization performs and how important their gift is to your organization.
  6. Security
    Change system passwords and PINs at home and at the office. It's more important than ever before to safeguard your professional and personal information.
  7. Re-Engage With Volunteers
    Some volunteers do their favorite jobs for a lifetime. Others may want a change or may have other skills to offer. Communicate with your key organizational players, offer new opportunities, and expand your profile information on your volunteers.
  8. Make Prospecting A Priority All Year
    Are you doing all you can to expand your donor base? Make a point to contact prospects throughout the year, not just during the holiday season. Call them, write to them, send them a personalized announcement of some kind, or invite them to visit your Web site. Give them an easy way of contacting you when they are ready to donate.
  9. Efficiency
    What areas of your operation are the most labor and time intensive? Is automation available to lend efficiency to these areas? Quite often, your investment in efficiency measures pays off in decreased labor costs and increased donations. Not sure which areas are pulling you down? Make it a priority to identify them.
  10. Find New Ways To Promote Your Organization
    The primary goal is to get your name in front of potential donors. Consider new ways to promote your organization: send a newsletter, give a talk to your Chamber of Commerce, or write an article for your local daily or weekly newspaper or eZine. Be sure to include your Web site address in all your promotions.

AccountingWEB would like to thank Financial Technologies and Management for sharing this information. Financial Technologies and Management provides consulting and solutions for the non-profit community.

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