7 Ways to Gather Referrals for Your Business

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Trent Kaeslin

7 Ways to Gather Referrals for Your Business to Make it More Valuable

An AccountingWEB WorkshopPresented by: Trent Kaeslin and Jennifer DayceResults Accountants' Systems

Referrals are still cited as the best way to gain new clients in professional services businesses today. Trent Kaeslin and Jennifer Dayce of Results Accountants' Systems presented a workshop at AccountingWEB in which they explored a variety of different ways to gather referrals for increasing your business.

Seven tips for gaining referrals for your business include:

1. Give a gift to the friends of your current referral sources
2. Get an influential client to send a letter singing your praises
3. Identify businesses that have the same type of ideal potential clients as you, and have them promote your business
4. Host an "invitation only" event
5. Piggyback your mailing pieces with an associate business
6. Throw a party for customers and have them each invite at least two friends
7. Offer the client who has given a referral something to continue having them refer business to you

The workshop was filled with interesting comments and ideas from participants in addition to the points made by the presenters. You can read the full transcript of the workshop.


Because of your interest in finding new ways to increase referrals, please accept this FREE GIFT - a calculator showing the power of referrals - for you to use and show others what referrals can do for you. This gift is offered to you compliments of Results Accountants' Systems.

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