2009 Product Review: CompuPay

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CompuPay has over 25 years of experience in payroll, tax filing, and human resource services. Located in Miramar, Florida, they serve clients in all 50 states. Rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach, CompuPay offers 3 different software packages to better meet the needs of your clients.

Express is designed for micro businesses. Power was created to best serve companies with 11 to 150 or so employees and can handle multiple payroll frequencies per client. Payroll Online can handle companies with employees into the thousand count. It is much more cumbersome because it is feature rich. All include bundled services, tax compliance federal, 1 state, and 1 local (additional can be purchased for Power and Online), direct deposit, employees can view online, import time and attendance (not on express), calculate manual checks, and print checks onsite

Figure 1: Payroll Online payroll entry screen

All three packages are online platforms, designed so that payroll can be easy. Upgrading from one package to the next, as your client's company grows, is a breeze so the clients can focus on building their business and not managing their payroll software. All three packages can create a general ledger file that can be imported into many different accounting packages. Therefore the user can transfer information digitally rather than re-keying the data.

Kathey Palmer, senior vice president, business development for CompuPay said, “For nearly 10 years now, CompuPay has developed payroll centric programs for accountants to serve their clients. We have a great deal of experience and flexibility in working with accountants and creating revenue generating programs that meet the unique needs of firms across the country.” Your client can enter data at their site, you can supervise or manage it, based on their needs, from a portal at your office. The portal allows the accountant easy access to all payroll clients in one place. In either situation, the user can process the payroll and walk away. Tax compliance is all handled by CompuPay. CompuPay is a full service payroll provider and if the IRS sends a notice, just forward it to CompuPay and they will take care of it.

Figure 2: Payroll Express payroll entry screen

According to Marcel Sopena, manager of inside sales, “What makes us most unique is the ease of use. We have been doing this almost longer than anyone. Also, our company belief in extreme customer service. Most of the employees that work here on the sales side can be reached 24 hours a day.”

Product cost is based on payroll frequency and employee accounts.

  • Express -$32-$79 per month based on frequency of payroll
  • Power - estimated 10 employees, biweekly, $53 per pay period
  • Payroll Online - estimated 10 employees biweekly, $57 per pay period



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