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Editor's Picks: World Domination for Accountants; Write a Book; New Social Media Platforms

Plus, how improving your quality of life will boost productivity.

Editor's Picks: Why Public Accounting? Vital Soft Skills; Using Client Data

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Editor's Picks: Burnout, Happiness at Work and Talking to Regular People About Professional Skepticism

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Let's Get to Know the New AccountingWEB Managing Editor, Richard Koreto

If you subscribe to our daily newsletters you've noticed that a new voice has been chatting you up in recent days. Richard Koreto joined AccountingWEB last month as our new Managing Editor. We're lucky to have him as a part of our staff here and not just because Jason and I needed an extra set of hands!

Here's an Infographic of the Top 20 Names in Accounting Software

You've probably heard of lots of these brands and there are a few obscure ones, but overall this is a pretty comprehensive list from Capterra of the who's who in accounting software today.

How to Overcome Attachment in the New Year

A new year beckons and I harken back to when my daughter was four years old. Her mother and I bought her an old, upright piano. It was a little beat up, a little banged up, and was missing a few keys, but hey, for a 4-year old, it was fine.

AccountingWEB's Top Five Excel Tips From 2013

What do accountants count on most to do their jobs well? Yes, coffee is a good answer. No, I'm not thinking of booze. If you eliminate any and all kinds of medicating, the smart money is on Microsoft Excel.