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Words That Kill

Words that kill a direct marketing campaign are easily avoided, but are they? Do you know which words will foil your next direct marketing piece? On average, you have about 10 to 20 seconds to grab your prospect’s attention.

When you are talking to a business to business prospect, it’s about them. Make sure you beef up your market-tested winners and leave the negative ones at the door. One marketer estimates that one word change in his direct marketing campaign dropped results by 60 percent. Don’t let that happen to you!

Among the winners:

- Approve
- Comfort
- Complimentary
- Deserve
- Discover
- Easy
- Free
- Fun
- Guarantee
- Happy
- Health
- Love
- Money
- New
- Profit
- Proud
- Proven
- Results
- Right
- Safety
- Save
- Trust
- Truth
- Understand
- Value
- Vital

And among the losers:

- Bad
- Buy
- Contract
- Cost
- Death
- Decision
- Difficult
- Fail
- Failure
- Hard
- Hurt
- Liability
- Liable
- Lose
- Loss
- Obligation
- Pay
- Price
- Sell
- Sign
- Sold
- Try
- Worry

It’s worth the extra time to go back and edit for these "losers." Direct marketing is an art and once you know the language, it will be that much easier!

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