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by Terri Eyden on Nov 26, 2012
In mid-November, nine people were indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of tax fraud conspiracy and identity theft. The defendants include four former athletes from USD and one current member of its football team.
by Terri Eyden on Nov 21, 2012
Today's tax crime news includes a case against a Virginia tax fraud promoter whose customers allegedly filed more than $67 million in false refund claims, and a New York tax preparer charged in a scheme involving $7 million in fraudulent deductions.
by Terri Eyden on Nov 19, 2012
Imagine going to bed one night a single woman and waking up to find you're married . . . and have been for over twenty years. That's bad enough, but it gets worse.
by Terri Eyden on Nov 19, 2012
A new wife, a new baby on the way, a multimillion-dollar house in escrow, and reports of back tax bills totaling more than $2.6 million. That's how rapper/producer Swizz Beatz has made news as the year draws close to the end.
by Terri Eyden on Nov 14, 2012
The IRS has sounded alarms of a slightly different nature than the ones issued by meteorologists earlier this month: A nationwide call for taxpayers to avoid scams in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.
by Terri Eyden on Nov 09, 2012
Today’s Crime Watch includes coverage of a Barbados national sentenced to 114 months in prison and ordered to pay restitution of just under $1.7 million for devising and executing a stolen identity federal income tax refund fraud scheme.
by Terri Eyden on Nov 07, 2012
Following recent disaster declarations for individual assistance issued by the FEMA, the IRS announced November 2, 2012, that affected taxpayers in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York will receive tax relief.
by Terri Eyden on Nov 05, 2012
What do a California CPA and a former Italian prime minister have in common? Chances are they'll soon both be viewing life from behind iron bars for their crimes of money laundering and tax evasion.
by Terri Eyden on Oct 31, 2012
Post-Sandy, CPA societies, government offices, and other organizations are providing information and resources to assist those impacted by Hurricane Sandy. We will keep you updated as news comes in.
by Terri Eyden on Oct 29, 2012
Although Hurricane Sandy has yet to make landfall, her effects are being felt among small and big accounting firms in the Northeast as they swing full throttle into disaster-prep mode.
by Terri Eyden on Oct 29, 2012
Our latest roundup of criminal cases includes a US postal worker who has been indicted for his involvement in stolen identity fraud and embezzlement. If convicted, he faces years of jail time.
by Terri Eyden on Oct 26, 2012
Because of emergency conditions related to Hurricane Sandy, the AICPA has decided to postpone the Digital CPA: 2012 CPA2Biz Cloud User Conference, which had been scheduled for October 28-30.
by Terri Eyden on Oct 23, 2012
The IRS may never recover millions of dollars in refundable tax credits that were given out erroneously, a new Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration audit report contends.
by Terri Eyden on Oct 19, 2012
By day, Kate Hashimoto is an employed New York CPA. By night, she's a self-confessed "extreme cheapskate." In fact, she spends so little money that TLC featured her in an episode of its new show "Extreme Cheapskates."
by Terri Eyden on Oct 19, 2012
Here's our latest roundup of tax crime news. Today's cases involve real estate mortgage fraud, tax evasion, an under-the-table payroll scheme, and an underground warehouse banking scheme.


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