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by Terri Eyden on Jun 28, 2013
A California man was sentenced to two years imprisonment, three years of supervised release, and ordered to pay $11,738,000 in restitution for aiding in the evasion of payment of federal payroll taxes.
by Terri Eyden on Jun 26, 2013
Last December, Rapper Fat Joe – real name Joseph Cartagena – was convicted of tax evasion on nearly $3 million of income from 2007 and 2008. The tax shortfall with penalties comes to more than $1 million, plus a $200,000 fine.
by Terri Eyden on Jun 21, 2013
A Washington man who advised and assisted others in a common tax fraud scheme, was sentenced June 14 in US District Court in Tacoma to ninety-seven months in prison and three years of supervised release.
by Terri Eyden on Jun 13, 2013
Melvin Mooring, a Gainesville, Virginia, accountant, was sentenced to six years in federal prison for stealing $3.3 million from the company where he served as the chief financial officer. He had pleaded guilty to wire fraud and tax evasion charges in March.
by Terri Eyden on Jun 03, 2013
The IRS scandal involving applications for tax-exempt status by Tea Party groups refuses to go away. Now the ACLJ has filed a lawsuit on behalf of twenty-five Tea Party and other conservative organizations against the IRS and several of its top officials.
by gailperry on May 07, 2013
Last month, Grammy-winner Lauryn Hill asked the judge in her tax evasion case for probation. Not because she is a celebrity but because she wanted to work in order to pay the taxes she admitted owing. Things didn't turn out exactly as Hill planned.
by Terri Eyden on Jan 24, 2013
A tax return preparer in Florida allegedly falsified tax returns that cost the US Treasury more than $17 million. After examining over 250 tax returns, the IRS found that over 90 percent understated the taxpayer's liability.
by Terri Eyden on Jan 09, 2013
A Florida woman – who owned or controlled undeclared foreign financial accounts in excess of $42 million in 2007 and who caused a tax loss to the government of approximately $667,716 – has been ordered to pay a $21 million civil penalty.
by Terri Eyden on Dec 19, 2012
Yikes. If convicted on all counts of fraud and for filing false claims for tax refunds, former New Jersey chiropractor David Moleski faces a maximum potential sentence of 318 years in prison.
by Terri Eyden on Dec 18, 2012
It seems nobody is safe from the phishers. The AICPA works hard to keep readers aware of fraudulent e-mails from other sources. They themselves were recently used again in an attempt to hook new victims.
by Terri Eyden on Dec 12, 2012
A New Jersey CPA was sentenced to fifty-four months in prison for a $500 billion fraud scheme. In addition to his prison term, he was sentenced to three years of supervised release and ordered to pay $43,582,699 in forfeiture.
by Terri Eyden on Dec 04, 2012
Confidence in the global economy fell in Q3 2012, according to a worldwide survey of 2,550 finance professionals, with some 67 percent of respondents saying the global economy is stagnating or reversing.
by Terri Eyden on Dec 03, 2012
It wasn't our fraud! That was a big part of the overall defense presented by two men accused of helping Texas financier R. Allen Stanford cover his tracks when he bilked trusting investors out of $7 billion.
by Terri Eyden on Nov 30, 2012
This hasn't been a great year for Lindsay Lohan. It started with an IRS tax lien for about $94, 000 for 2009 income, followed closely by another for nearly $150,000 for 2010 income.
by Terri Eyden on Nov 28, 2012
Today's tax crime cases include that of a woman who's headed to prison for close to two years for filing at least seventy-six fraudulent income tax returns, falsely claiming refunds of approximately $533,434.