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Use Fill-in-the-Blank Form to Enter Excel Spreadsheet Data

If you have already created a spreadsheet containing a list of information, and you need to make additional entries to the list, here's a quick and easy way to add to the information already entered on your spreadsheet.

Before using this tool, make sure that the first row of your data contains header information, and that there is at least one row of data beneath the header row. There can be no blank rows in your data list.

Position your mouse pointer in any occupied cell that is within the list area. Choose Data, Form from the Excel menu. A window appears with a heading that matches your sheet name (the heading will read "Sheet1" if you have not assigned a name to your spreadsheet). There will be a fill-in-the-blank box for each column of your data list, and the header name for each column appears next to each fill-in box.

To enter a new record to your data list, click the New button, then fill in the boxes for each piece of data, pressing Tab to move from one fill-in box to the next. Click the New button or press Enter when you have completed your entry and your new record will be added to the bottom of the data list.

This is a particularly useful tool when you are entering information into a list that stretches beyond the borders of your screen. You can use the fill-in-the-blank box to easily see all the fields that require data entry.

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