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Ten Questions To Ask When Preparing For A Sales Call

Keith Rosen, CEO of Profit Builders provided AccountingWEB with the some questions to ask before you prepare for a new client sales call.

  1. Is my mind clear of any distractions that could have an adverse effect on my performance? (Externalities: fight with supervisor or spouse, car troubles, income, weather, health, etc.) Do I want to be here?

  2. To what degree has this appointment been confirmed? (Is this person expecting me?)

  3. Do I view my client as a number or as a person to create a mutually beneficial partnership with? Are they someTHING (a quota) or someONE?

  4. Am I familiar with the environment I am in? (Neighborhood, businesses, homes, schools, etc.)

  5. Will my appearance portray a positive impression? (Do I look professional and organized? Am I smiling?)

  6. Am I prepared to educate the client? Do I have the tools and evidence that demonstrate the value of my product/service so the client can easily make an informed buying decision?

  7. Am I familiar with this client’s background? (Did I research the client/business, industry, trends, etc.)

  8. Do I have to make the sale to serve my own agenda, (ex: making money) or am I motivated by enhancing the quality of someone else’s life/business, regardless of whether they buy or not? (Am I making the selling process about me or the client? Clients pick up on hungry salespeople and run.)

  9. Do I have a strategic selling system in place or am I going to “wing it?”

  10. Am I prepared to offer additional value to enhance this client’s life/business that goes beyond what my product/service can provide? Am I a full resource of information? (I.e.: Do I have an established circle of professional contacts that I can refer to this client to meet their additional needs?)

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Keith Rosen is the CEO of Profit Builders. He has taken his years of management, business ownership and coaching experience into the business community where he provides personalized one-on-one and group coaching and corporate training to improve, build and manage your career and your life for optimum success and enjoyment. Keith has been the keynote speaker and executive coach for organizations such as GE, MCI WorldCom and the American Marketing Association. Being a pioneer in the coaching profession, Keith is one of the first to hold the designation of Master Certified Coach and is also a widely published columnist.

Contact information:
E-mail: keithrosen@profitbuilders.com
Web Site: http://www.profitbuilders.com/

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