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The Tale of the Portal: Who Survives?

If CPAs and accounting professionals are like every other profession, members have sought out the likeness of the 'portal,' or gateway to the Internet, to perform a variety of tasks.

According to a new report from MSNBC, the news service believes there are only three viable players left in the portal business: Yahoo!, MSN and America Online. Why?

The financial impact, mostly. It seems only a short time back that Disney's portal was going to be the panacea, opening up gateways to not only Disney-related content, but the content at ABC and many other areas.

But in time, the portal business has cooled off, and the only ones left are those with the highest profiles, and perhaps, the most money. Take Yahoo!, for example. Most anyone who wants to do more than just an Internet search has Yahoo! book marked on their system for maps, guides, games and more.

And with MSN, this has the backing of Microsoft behind it, and the marketing dollars associated with bringing millions of people to the site everyday.

AccountingWeb is interested to hear which portals you regularly visit and why. Answer by commenting on this below.

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