Sleeter Group publishes new Consultant's Reference Guide for 2010

Accountants who support QuickBooks often run into complicated and difficult issues with their clients’ QuickBooks files.  For years, The Sleeter Group’s extensive QuickBooks Consultant's Reference Guide has been the industry standard for consultant-level reference material.  The 2010 edition has just been released. 

“This book is a must-have for any QuickBooks consultant or accountant working with small businesses,” said Douglas J. Coleman, QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor from EasyBooks in Niceville, FL.  “Not only is the product in-depth and very well done, but the support I receive from everyone at The Sleeter Group is some of the best I've ever seen, in any industry.  If you support QuickBooks, you need this book.”
Contents in this latest edition of the QuickBooks Consultant’s Reference Guide, known as CRG for short, include many new and updated features for QuickBooks 2010 and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions version 10, including:
  • Extensive coverage of the new tools in the Client Data Review module, document management, and improvements to the Intuit Statement Writer.
  • How the Intuit Partner Platform will influence future third party products.
  • Updated information on QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and data file management.
“We are proud to release the tenth edition of the QuickBooks Consultant’s Reference Guide, updated for QuickBooks 2010 and QuickBooks Enterprise version 10,” said Douglas Sleeter, Founder and President of The Sleeter Group.  “Each year, our team dives deep into the latest software and works with Intuit to get the most important information out to the consultants and accountants who work with the product every day.  These consultants serve hundreds of thousands of small businesses with QuickBooks setup, troubleshooting, and add-on integration.”
Explains QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor Darryl Abrahms of QuickLabs in Redmond, WA, “As a full-time QuickBooks instructor for over 10 years, there have been times when I needed a reference to validate or guide me to the best solution on a practical problem that I encountered with a client’s company file.  This book is the answer.”
The QuickBooks Consultant’s Reference Guide is available as a printed book and as a downloadable PDF from The Sleeter Group’s online store, or at 888-484-5484 or +1-925-416-6300.
The Sleeter Group a network of small business technology experts.  Its members provide consulting services to small business owners in the accounting software and business process design areas.  The group provides QuickBooks training resources to users and consultants including textbooks, reference books, expert level Webinars, the annual accounting consulting conference, a consultant membership network, practice management tools, teaching systems, expert level technical support, and a free online newsletter.  Through a network of over 600 independent consultants and small- to medium-sized accounting firms, The Sleeter Group serves over 250,000 small businesses each year.

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