Plug In - To a Marketing Discussion List for Accountants

By Terri M. Sommella, President, Sommella Market Strategies

Until now, no vehicle existed to afford accounting marketers ongoing information exchanges, resources and training. With the launch of the Association for Accounting Marketing’s Members Discussion List (AMDL) it’s here, and it’s free. The launch of the AMDL is the most immediately beneficial resource offered to accounting marketers since AAM was formed eleven years ago.


The AMDL is an on-line discussion list. If you are unfamiliar with discussion lists, sign up and watch the discussion threads for awhile to get a feel for the way it works. You will experience the benefits immediately. Within the span of time it takes to compose an e-mail, AAM members will access the power of the combined experience of 450 accounting marketers, CPAs and vendors comprising AAM’s membership. The benefits of belonging to an industry specific, on-line discussion list are vast. Best of all, the AMDL provides instant gratification.

The AMDL is modeled after the highly successful discussion list for law marketers. According to Jennifer Boehm, marketing coordinator for Grant Thornton LLP in Baltimore, “The information I gathered and learned from the contributions of seasoned and not-so-seasoned professionals has been priceless.” Do you need recruiting ideas? A speaker for a retreat? Would you like someone to critique your new Web site? The AMDL is the place to be.

How It Works

Go to the AAM Web site ( and join the Discussion List Forum. Right now, AAM is offering a Free 30-Day Trial Membership to the list! You’ll receive an e-mail notification that you’ve applied (so someone else cannot sign you up without your knowledge). When a list administrator approves your application, you’ll receive your welcome notice. You are ready to go on-line and post your first message. It’s that simple! Start by introducing yourself and telling the group a little about yourself or your firm, i.e. where you are located, your background, etc. Your message will be automatically sent to every member.

Do you think you’ll be inundated with e-mails? Let’s hope so! It’s a wealth of information to read now, and save for future reference. The posts include subject lines so members can delete messages that aren’t interesting to them. You can save useful e-mails in a folder for reference or simply refer to the AMDL Archive for a quick search by topic. List participants will find that the archive is an unbeatable ‘first step’ when starting new projects. Another great feature of the AMDL is the ability to temporarily sign off, such as during vacations. This feature prevents a pile-up of e-mails to deal with upon your return.

The Impact

What will the AMDL do for our profession? Well, think of it. What is the natural result of the ‘best and the brightest’ sharing resources and information? As more members share knowledge, the bar is raised for all of us. The more we achieve, the better the impression we make. The more sophisticated we become, the higher our salaries can climb. Jennifer continues, “I was working on a business plan for one of our partners and wanted to know exactly what needed to go into one. I went to the archive of messages and was led to a Web site that had all the information I needed. I have learned so much on how to handle situations, not to mention the vast resources at my fingertips when I run into trouble.”

Stay Connected

Everyone knows about the quality of the annual AAM Conference. Conference feedback indicates that connecting to peers and learning from more experienced marketers is exhilarating and beneficial. We leave the conference energized and full of new ideas. The AMDL makes this exchange of ideas available to us every day. So stay connected to the best accounting marketers in the world, every day and all year long. The AMDL is an educational experience that is free to all AAM Members, enhances our skills and never ends. Plug yourself in!

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