PlanGuru releases its enhanced budgeting and forecasting software package: PlanGuru 2011

PlanGuru has announced the launch of its new product, PlanGuru 2011, a complete rewrite of its budgeting and forecasting software. Businesses, nonprofits, and financial professionals have used previous versions of PlanGuru to build more accurate budgets, plans, and forecasts in a fraction of the time it takes in spreadsheet software. PlanGuru 2011 carries on that tradition by being significantly more powerful and intuitive, while maintaining a simple low-pricing structure.

PlanGuru 2011 can be used in multiple ways - from entrepreneurs building a high-level forecast for the bank to large organizations building multidepartmental operating budgets. The consolidation feature in PlanGuru allows for budgeting an unlimited number of departments and an unlimited number of tiers within a hierarchy.

"PlanGuru has saved me an incalculable number of hours while helping me to produce better analysis. It's powerful, intuitive, and flexible at an unbelievable price."
-- David Maybaum, partner at Graf Repetti & Co., LLP

Dozens of PlanGuru video tutorials have been added to the PlanGuru Community site to support PlanGuru 2011. With these new training videos, most people with a basic understanding of financial accounting can become effective users of PlanGuru in an afternoon.

For those interested in learning more about PlanGuru 2011, PlanGuru offers a free 30-day trial and also a Webinar that demonstrates PlanGuru's capabilities.

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