New Compliance Solution Saves Time and Money

A new service from e-know, Inc. automates the outbound communications, business ethics policies, finance and administration controls, non-compete/non-disclosure agreements, conflict of interest policies, operating procedures, sexual harassment policies and other compliance related activities helping commercial and government organizations dramatically reduce the time, expense and effort required to implement initiatives, conduct audits and manage the organization’s overall risk mitigation effort.

“Companies continue to spend huge sums and expend hours on compliance-related initiatives, but make little progress for reasons ranging from human nature to technology issues,” explains Alan Croll, CEO of e-know. “Part of the problem is the lack of intuitive process ensuring that employees receive policies and ‘sign off’ is a timely manner. It’s as much of a human nature issue as a technology issue. Executing these types of initiatives is not a core skill for most companies. But, it is a critical and often mandatory that companies want completed correctly and quickly.”

e-know Policy Compliance solutions are completely maintained by e-know, eliminating the need to invest in additional hardware or software. The user-friendly system is accessed via the Internet and e-mail, allowing employees to interact and respond without any training and reducing the impact on end-user IT resources and support. e-know Policy Compliance solutions are designed to meet each organization’s unique requirements.

Mr. Croll offers the following two examples of e-know Policy Compliance solutions in action: “One of our clients came to e-know after having failed to get employees to visit their full service intranet resource to complete a critical compliance initiative. While it too the organization weeks to get a handful of employees to comply using traditional methods, we completed the task in five days. Another large publicly traded company needed to meet a tight deadline so it retained e-know to roll out a comprehensive Code of Conduct policy to 10,000 employees. This massive undertaking was completed in less than two weeks.”

These examples demonstrate how e-know’s Policy Compliance solutions and similar products/services help organizations create and manage an effective compliance environment including:

  • Making compliance a part of the organization’s culture
  • Encouraging boards and staff responsible for overseeing compliance activities make more frequent and substantive inquiries into compliance risks
  • Creating, issuing and enforcing a cohesive compliance program at all levels of the organization
  • Assisting the compliance staff in providing compliance-related training and implementing compliance-related procedures.

Many small and mid-sized businesses are feeling the pinch of increased compliance and regulation. Many do not have compliance staff focused full time on compliance related issues. Services allowing these organizations more effectively meet the demands of today’s business environment will also help these organizations succeed in the future.

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