Intacct Releases Automated, Customized CCH Tax Software Link


October 1, 2001 (Los Gatos, Calif.)-Intacct Corporation, the leading provider of online professional accounting solutions, has announced the public release of its automated, customized link to CCH ProSystem fx Tax business products, the leading tax preparation software solutions among the nation’s 40,000 CPA firms. The integrated service, which is available exclusively to Intacct customers, cuts CPA workloads by automatically transferring tax-related information from the Intacct accounting system to ProSystem fx Tax business products including Partnership, Corporation, and S-Corporation.

"The integration of the Intacct system with CCH’s ProSystem fx Tax is the first of its kind," David C. Thomas, CEO of Intacct emphasized in announcing the new service’s public release. "CPAs now have the ability to securely transfer client data from their online accounting system directly into the most popular business tax preparation software products. This will save CPAs hundreds of hours during the hectic tax preparation season-not only making them more efficient, but enabling them to reduce client fees."

The new Intacct/CCH integration works like this: By selecting a tax preparation tab from within the Intacct system, CPAs can instruct the Intacct system to download client tax information into ProSystem fx Tax. The information is transferred into the ProSystem fx Tax General Ledger Connection where it is then mapped for user appropriated assignment into ProSystem fx Tax fields and forms. With this automated feature, CPAs can now reduce hours-per-client spent entering tax-related accounting data by hand into ProSystem fx Tax, and also significantly increase the accuracy of the data-input process.

"The long-term value of Internet technology is beyond question," said Gene Landoe, president and CEO of CCH Tax Compliance. "By integrating with leading edge solution providers like Intacct, CCH is leveraging online solutions to help accounting and tax professionals stay one step ahead of their competitors."

The new Intacct/CCH service, a part of Intacct’s E-Practice offering, is available as a free immediate upgrade to Intacct customers.

"The Intacct/CCH integration is a very compelling offering," explained Tom Chavanne, a consultant within the firm James+Hardy, a Shreveport, Louisiana based CPA and Consultant Group. "With the ability to download directly from Intacct into ProSystem fx Tax, not only will our firm save time by eliminating the manual data input process, but we will also save money for our clients. It’s a win-win situation."

Intacct’s alliance strategy

The Intacct/CCH alliance is the latest of several strategic alliances that integrate key services into Intacct’s core accounting offering. The alliances enable Intacct subscribers to take advantage of the benefits of the web for such tasks as: online auditing, professional billing, expense reporting, payroll, and human resource services.

Because Intacct is entirely web-based, integration with other web-based services is facilitated through the eXtensible Markup Language (XML). Deeper levels of integration are possible through co-development ventures, such as Intacct’s joint development agreement with Deloitte & Touche, to offer the industry’s first web-based auditing tool.

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