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EY Survey Provides Insight into Digital Future

Ernst & Young surveyed leaders in the technology industry who were attendees at last week’s Wall Street Journal Technology Summit 2000 and revealed these opinions:

  • Forty-five percent of attendees believe Al Gore is the presidential candidate who will best address the digital future, compared to 28% who believe Bush is the best candidate for the job, and another 28% who either didn’t express a view or felt neither man was equipped for the mission.

  • Sixty-four percent believe Congress will decide to tax the Internet in its next session.

  • More than 70% feel Congress will take action to protect Internet privacy before state governments do so.

  • Ninety-three percent feel most Internet users fail to understand and support the concept of copyright protection.

  • Sixty percent believe that within the next four years, the majority of Americans will connect to the Internet using pocket-sized devices instead of desktop computers.
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