Hewitt Associates LLC just launched an online information resource site for compensation professionals. The site,, allows registered visitors to access Hewitt’s survey library and browse an information bank of industry news and trend information. The site also features market pricing capabilities and a variety of compensation tools.

For registered participants of Hewitt compensation surveys, the new site will give them easy access to survey results online. Once they are at the site, they will be able to search job titles and descriptions – a much more convenient alternative to the usual paper survey methods.

The resource center combines industry news with best practices to provide useful content for compensation professionals. In addition to the online article bank, the site sports links to other related sites that would benefit those in the compensation field. offers visitors the chance to subscribe to its market pricing area. Subscribers have access to the Hewitt surveys and can compare survey data to other compensation surveys to help assess job pricings, job scopes, weighting, and aging.

And if tools are an indication of a site’s effectiveness, this site is ahead of the pack. Tools include a long-term incentive calculator, an area that allows visitors to model a salary structure and complete a Black-Scholes stock option valuation, and a search tool for proxy statements filed with the SEC.

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