Cisco, Conexant and Hughes Join to Speed Dial-up Downloads

Cisco Systems and Conexant Systems have announced their support for the new V.92 dial-up modem standard that was presented last week to the International Telecommunications Union for determination.

Cisco Systems and Conexant each contributed key technologies to the new V.92 dial-up modem specification, which significantly reduces the time it takes to establish a dial-up connection, improves upload rates, and adds the ability to receive and initiate phone calls during a dial-up modem session.

Originally developed for the satellite industry to maximize available bandwidth, the new V.44 compression technology was developed by Hughes Network Systems, and will be incorporated into Conexant’s next-generation dial-up modem chips.

“Cisco’s market leadership in remote access servers and concentrators is based on continuous support of industry standards,” said Charles Fadel, manager of the Systems’ Remote Access Product Division. “We believe the new V.44 modem specification will offer end-users a significant downstream performance improvement – an improvement they will experience as faster downloads of HTML pages.”

“We are once again delivering a significant advancement for dial-up modem technology,” said Dean Grumlose, division director of multiservice access products for Conexant.

“Dial-up modems continue to thrive as the most attractive connectivity solution available because of their ubiquity, and because of their balance of cost and performance. Meanwhile, the industry continues to innovate, and advances like V.44 will make a big difference for internet users worldwide.

“The improvement in download speeds that V.44 offers will be as dramatic as when the industry moved from V.34 to V.90,” added Grumlose.

“Hughes Network Systems is excited to take part in revolutionizing the dial-up modem marketplace with Conexant and Cisco,” said Jim Gandolfi, vice president of Hughes San Diego division. “The commitment of these industry leaders to incorporate V.44’s excellent compression ratios and extremely fast execution times into their product offerings validates the technology as a quantum leap in data compression and its application to all types of wireless and wireline data communications.”

V.44 is a compression standard that supplants the earlier V.42 bis technology, which helped to nearly quadruple the dial-up modem data transfer rate across the wire as compared to raw, uncompressed data rates. V.44 is a more efficient algorithm and has the same effect on download speeds as the earlier move from V.34 to typical V.90 connections.

In the case of V.90, the amount of improvement was determined by the quality of the line. In the case of V.44, the amount of improvement is dynamic, and depends on the data content. When compared to the existing V.42 bis compression standard, V.44 can yield typical speed improvements of 20 per cent to 60 per cent, up to as much as 200 per cent for certain types of highly-compressible data.

Conexant is the world’s largest independent company focused exclusively on providing semiconductor solutions for communications electronics. With more than 30 years of developing communications technology, the company delivers integrated systems and semiconductor products for a broad range of communications applications. These products facilitate communications worldwide through wireline voice and data communications networks, cordless and cellular wireless telephony systems, personal imaging devices and equipment, and emerging cable and wireless broadband communications networks. The company aligns its business into five product platforms: Network Access, Wireless Communications, Digital Infotainment, Personal Imaging, and Personal Computing.

The company will be hosting a Plugfest testing event in September to promote interoperability between V.92 products from a wide variety of manufacturers.

Hughes Network Systems, headquartered in Germantown, Maryland, is a supplier of broadband satellite and wireless products, services and networks. HNS is a leader in the manufacture of very small aperture terminal satellite networks with more than 300,000 VSATs installed worldwide and is one of the largest manufacturers of DIRECTV direct-to-home satellite television systems. HNS provides DirecWay broadband, IP-based services to the enterprise and DirecPC high-speed satellite internet services to the consumer.

Cisco Systems

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