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Are You In the Market for a New Notebook Computer?

There was a time when buying a new notebook meant deciding between getting one of the 2-ring or 3-ring variety. Today's notebooks come equipped with megabytes, megahertz, Ethernet connections, and plenty of RAM, and weigh even less than those binders of yore. If you're in the market for a notebook, put away the three-hole punch and look no further than's 2002 Notebook Buyer's Guide.

Ten machines are thoroughly analyzed and virtually dissected by the computer gurus at, and the reports are that this may be the Year of the Notebook. Prices are low and performance rivals that of the desktop varieties. The latest models come loaded with universal serial bus (USB) ports for attaching zip drives, CD burners, and other plug and play devices, a FireWire connection for digital cameras, and a PC Card slot for network connections.

The notebooks that made the top 10 list and their retail prices are as follows:

  • Apple iBook $1,499
  • Compaq Evo N410c $1,799
  • Dell Latitude X200 $2,299
  • Fujitsu Lifebook S $1,899
  • Gateway Latitude 200 $1,999
  • Sharp Actius UM30W $1,999
  • Sony VAIO PCG-VX88 $1,599
  • WinBook X2 $$2,498
  • IBM ThinkPad X24 $2,873
  • Toshiba Portage 2000 $1,918

Read the complete survey results, including specifications on all the computers included in the survey before you head for the computer store.

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