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2001 Accounting Software Buyer's Guide

Below is an extensive list of the latest accounting software packages for any type of business.

The 2001 Accounting Software Buyer's Guide offers the following information:

High-End Accounting Software Vendors - Search the high-end packages that generally target companies with revenues over $100 million.

Midrange Accounting Software Vendors - Search the midrange packages that generally target companies with revenues under $100 million.


It's a Buyers Market - Picking an accounting application has never been easy, but at least the constant activity in this market guarantees innovation and competition. With the Internet changing customer demands, vendors are regrouping to meet the challenge. ERP players have had to redesign their software, involving a significant investment not only for them, but also for customers. By Theresa W. Carrey

Microsoft Moves In - Microsoft's purchase of Great Plains shakes up the midrange accounting software market. And while time will tell what effect the deal will have on the midrange market, companies that suddenly find themselves competing with the world's largest software maker are vowing to respond with more aggressive marketing, better technology, and savvy partnerships. By Theresa W. Carrey

Raising the VAR - The key to a successful accounting-software integration might have as much to do with the Value Added Reseller(VAR) you choose as with the software package you select. So pick your VAR carefully--You'll be living together for a long, long time. By John J. Xenakis - Five rules for selecting a VAR.

Accounting Software Archives

Softline Has Big Plans for AccountMate - Is a little-known South African company ready to join the accounting software big leagues?

Nothing But Net - High-end systems for the back office now provide a range of web- based, front-office applications.

Shopping Spree - A spate of acquisitions and deals has shaken up the midrange accounting software market.

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