Tax Software Found to be Buggy-Top 15 Problems

Are you having problems running your tax software this spring? If so, the problem may be with the software and not with you. MSNBC has uncovered the top 15 tax software problems that are affecting individual tax preparers this spring.

  1. TurboTax The tax computed by TurboTax software varies from the amount found in the tax tables. Not to worry, according to Intuit, the makers of TurboTax. The software computes the tax right from the rate schedules and that's ok with the IRS.
  2. Kiplinger TaxCut - Business Launching the program may generate an error message: " ERROR: Invalid Page Fault when Opening State or Business." Avoid this problem by running FIX from the Utility folder on the CD-ROM.
  3. Kiplinger TaxCut - Business Users may see the error message, "ERROR: Runtime Error 3024." The fix is the uninstall and reinstall the program, but not before backing up any data files already created.
  4. Kiplinger TaxCut - States Some users have been unable to download the software after purchasing the program online. The maker suggest re-downloading the program per instructions on the Web site or contact contact the Online Store Customer Service at or (952) 253-8558.
  5. TurboTax When attempting to update TurboTax, users may get the message: "Can’t find the phonebook entry StarNet, please reconfigure the dialer." In this case, follow instructions for adjusting Internet connection on the company's Web site.
  6. TurboTax for the Web Incorrect browser settings are the cause of TurboTax for the Web hanging up in the Microsoft Explorer 5.x browser. Resolve the problem by following these instructions: 1) Choose Internet Options from the Tools menu; 2) Select Advanced; 3) Navigate to the Java VM section; 4) Check the Java console enabled, and Java JIT Compile Enabled boxes, and; 5) Reboot the system.
  7. Kiplinger TaxCut Activity name doesn't appear on the vehicle expense worksheet. Resolve the problem by entering activities in the space provided on Schedule C or C-EZ.
  8. TurboTax - State Original download of software may result in an error message: " WXXi200000144.exe was not a valid win32 application” (where XX equals the two letter state abbreviation). If you see this message, perform the download again from this location
  9. Kiplinger TaxCut Finder is crashing on Macintosh systems after closing the TaxCut program. To prevent this from happening, reduce the amount of allocated memory by following these steps: 1) Select the Macintosh HD located in the upper right hand corner; 2) Choose the TaxCut 2000 folder; 3) Click one time on the TaxCut 2000 executable; 4) Select File on the menu bar; 5) Choose GET INFO, MEMORY, and then PREFERRED SIZE, and; 6) Enter the value from “Recommended Size” entry, and choose OK.
  10. Kiplinger TaxCut You may see this error: "Illegal Operation Associated with KERNEL32.DLL." If you get this error, install an update to Microsoft Windows.
  11. Kiplinger TaxCut Mac users with OS 8.5 systems may see the message, "Error: Mac Type 3.” To resolve this error, upgrade to OS 8.6.
  12. Intuit-ProSeries Some Virginia returns may be rejected, displaying Error Code 003: “Due to an unforeseen processing error, this state return was rejected by the state taxing authority. The processing error does not affect any data in your return and it is not necessary to make any adjustments to the return before refiling. However, it will be necessary to file your state return via U.S. Mail. To file your state return, print it and mail it to the appropriate state taxing authority.” Keep fingers crossed that you don't see this message. At present, there is no fix to the problem.
  13. TurboTax The "Quick Cash" option is not available to a variety of taxpayers, including those electronically-filing returns from Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and a variety of off-shore locations. Also certain filers of Earned Income Credit, filers under age 18, filers with no W-2 or 1099-R income, and filers with refunds of $10,000 or greater cannot use this option.
  14. Kiplinger TaxCut - State Some users have received the error, "ERROR: Error Unpacking State Update" - a clean installation will fix the problem: 1) Close all programs except for Explorer and Systray using the CTRL+ALT+DEL keys; 2) Empty Windows temporary files, and; 3) Reinstall the State update. For help with this workaround, go to the TaxCut Web site, select TaxCut 2000 State from the product drop down list, and enter "Clean installation of TaxCut State Edition" into the search field.
  15. Intuit-ProSeries An error occurs if a self-selected PIN is entered and the spouse's prior year Total Tax doesn't match IRS records. Here is a workaround.

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