Online Tax Preparation and E-Filing Service Offered

An online service for tax preparation is hard at work trying to ease the stress and costs for taxpayers this tax season. has recently announced free tax preparation and electronic filing for any person with a 2006 adjusted gross income of $30,000 or less.

The free filing offer is available for the federal 1040 tax returns and the company also offers the free filing of state taxes for 17 states.

"We decided to do something that would really help our customers this year. We wanted to target the taxpayers who would benefit most from our free offer." said the Product Manager at, Cindy Jensen.

This marks the sixth year that the company has offered fast and comprehensive tax preparation and electronic filing. is a time-tested solution to tax preparation and they have prepared more than a million tax returns. The company allows its customers to prepare and file their federal and state taxes from a browser on any company computer that has access to the internet, and the customer does not have to download or install any additional software to complete the filing process. is an extension of TaxWorks, a company that offers the tax industry professional tax preparation software. Founded in 1972 by Wayne Bates, TaxWorks has a 32 year record in developing tax preparation software.

"It's not just the free tax preparation and electronic filing that separates us from our competitors," states Jensen. "Our customer service and support teams are phenomenal. You won't find an easier or less expensive way to do your taxes this year."

For more help to accompany the service and support for customers, TaxEngine also has dedicated an entire section of its Web site to articles that address issues related to taxes and can be visited at

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