Most Taxpayers Avoid Computer When Preparing Tax Returns

A recent survey commissioned by Iomega Corporation and performed by Harris Interactive disclosed surprising results about the use of tax software. While the number of home computer users continues to increase, a significant majority of taxpayers do not use their computers to prepare and file income tax returns. Instead, 62% of computer-savvy taxpayers responding to the survey say they either prepare their tax returns the old fashioned way with paper and pencil, or they hire a tax professional to do the job.

"The computer is king except when it comes to taxes and Uncle Sam," said Robert Borden, vice president, customer advocacy, Iomega Corporation.

Survey results show that married taxpayers with children and taxpayers with higher levels of education and income are most likely to use a computer to prepare their tax return and, in some cases, file their taxes electronically.

  • 50% of taxpayers with a college degree use their personal computer to prepare their tax returns. Only 26% of taxpayers with only a high school education do the same.
  • 49% of taxpayers with income over $75,000 use their personal computer to prepare their tax returns. Only 28% of taxpayers with income under $35,000 do the same.
  • 41% of married taxpayers use their personal computer to prepare their tax returns, compared with 33% of single, divorced, separated, or widowed taxpayers.
  • 42% of taxpayers with children use their personal computer to prepare their tax returns, compared with 36% of childless taxpayers.

Harris Interactive interviewed 2,446 U.S. adults for the survey, which was conducted in February, 2003.

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